Microblading parties may be booked with a minimum of 4 people and a deposit is required    


  3D Feather Brows by Nicole 

                                            The finest form of cosmetic tattooing

3D Feather Brow Service- $400

perfecting appointment 6-8 weeks after included

Mini touch ups- $200

any touch ups requested within the first year after your perfecting appointment


Maintenance is different for every client. It is HIGHLY recommended that you return for your perfecting appointment so that we may build upon the initial faded pigment, and perfect your shape and color.

Some clients may require a touch up within the first 9 months....while others will not require a touchup until 18+ months.

The 3D Feather Brow technique deposits pigment into the epidermal layers of the skin. Your skins ability to hold and retain the pigment and other factors such as appropriate skin care, SPF usage and exfoliation will determine your maintenance needs. Every client is different.

Full lip shading with lipliner- $500

includes 6 week perfecting appointment

Lip Line- $350

includes 6 week perfecting appointment

Upper Eyeliner (Fine to Medium thickness)$300

includes 6 week color enhancing appointment

Lower Eyeliner$250
​includes 6 week color enhancing appointment

Upper & Lower Eyeliner Package$500​

includes 6 week color enhancing appointment

Microblading certification- $3000 for two/ three day certification course with kit

course is nonrefundable